Banker To The Poor

There is this book that I have been reading by Muhammad Yunus. It is called “Banker to the Poor”. I’m only half way through the book and I am just so impressed by how this man took the initiative to create a bank that is solely meant to give loans to the poor so that they can actually buy raw materials without borrowing from a moneylender that charges a 10% interest per month.  However creating the book was not the hard part. He started this bank if Bangladesh which was one of the poorest countries back then. The toughest task was to talk to the women about the loans. In Bangladesh, it is custom that a woman should not talk to another man that is not a close relative. Although he had many obstacles he still was determine to do what was right and not follow the norm. If you haven’t read this book you should definitely take a look at it. It may very well inspire you to do something in your own state or city. Because we all know that no one should ever struggle for survival.


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