Have you shown your good?

How many times have we passed by the woman or man that is holding the sign”homeless”, “need work”, or etc.. Pretty much a high percentage of the time, but what if we changed that and actually stepped out and had a simply conversation? We met a man, who’s named will be changed for privacy reasons, Gilbert. Scary thing to think about, just to walk up to a “stranger “, but the beauty of it is what came of it. This man was humble, rides his bike about 10miles one way and if he can’t get a ride back, it’s another 10 miles back. Some of his experience that he told us are: there was a man who spit on his bag just because he wanted to, people pass by with out even smiling. Listening to the insults he told us about, made us think how we come across. The one thing that struck us was that in the mist of the insults he received and the horrible facial expressions, he said ” there is good in everyone, just some choose to show it more than others”. So our question is how much of our good and your good is showing? We encourage to take the step of faith and just talk to a random person, sometimes the best remedy is listening.


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