The Oasis Project

Last Saturday, The Wealthy Poor teamed up with several other organizations, companies, and churches to provide for the needy. And what an experience it was! This was our first event that we were involved with so we didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare for it. However we had some very generous donors and volunteers that greatly helped out. We could not have done it without them.

Coming into the event, we initial just wanted to get some exposure because we are a fairly new organization. We created signs and the image that we wanted to bring out. As we received clothes and toy donations we knew we just wanted to show love to people.

The Oasis Project was set to start at 10 am. However, since most of our donations we had was for kids (we all know kids are very impatient people), all our toys were literally gone before the event started. Just seeing the smiles on these kids faces brought smiles to our faces and we could not help but let the rules slide.

As the toys were depleted, people started taking clothes. We had clothes for babies, toddlers, teens, and adults. And each of them were thankful for everything they got.

We had one boy who shocked us in a good way. He was looking everywhere for a “I ❤ Jesus" shirt and asked us if we had anything. Now this boy was about 7 years of age, so it caught us off guard. We search for him and the only thing we found was a shirt that said "Got Jesus?" however this shirt was twice his size. But we gave it to him and told him to save it for the future when he grows into his teens. Then he ran off with a smile 🙂

Our goal was to love people.

I believe we succeeded in that goal.


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